Severe Business Consequences Stem from Poor Supplier Data, Survey Shows
Tealbook welcomes Kate Hands as the new VP of Customer Success
8 Week Webinar Series | The Supplier Data Crisis
Tealbook Offers Free Supplier Reports to Help Combat COVID-19 Shortages
CEO Stephany Lapierre on Disrupting eProcurement With Data
Tech Start Up Lessons from Stephany Lapierre
Video: Request a Supplier Diversity Report!
Video: Tealbook’s Innovative Procurement Software
Small and Diverse Supplier Trend Report
Supply Professional Magazine
Infographic: 5 Steps for Procurement to Modernize Supplier Diversity
Infographic: Innovation and Tech in Procurement
Improving Supplier Diversity Impact in 3 Days
Improving Supplier Diversity for a Fortune 100 Company
Impact: Grow the Impact of Your Diversity Programs
Enrich: Know Your Suppliers
Explore: Find the Most Trusted Suppliers
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National Post
IT World
Canada’s largest VC fund for women-led tech companies invests in tealbook
Tealbook Partners with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Procurement Technology: What is Tealbook?
Who benefits the most from Tealbook?
Procurement Platform Tealbook Partners with Open Ecosystem Network
Who benefits the most from Tealbook?
What does Tealbook offer that traditional procurement tools don’t?
Tealbook is a 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor
Press Kit
Case Study: Finding New Suppliers at Medidata
Procurement Platform Tealbook Selected by SIG Innovation Accelerator
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A procurement platform that uses tags to show supplier skills
The value of procurement platform Tealbook: Keith Mellett
How tech empowers procurement to find suppliers—painlessly

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