Infographic: 5 Steps to Modernize Supplier Diversity
Infographic: Innovation in Procurement
Improving Supplier Diversity Impact in 3 Days
Improving Diversity Outcomes for a Fortune 100 Company
Procurement Executive Exchange: Summary Report
Impact: Grow the Impact of Your Diversity Programs
Enrich: Know Your Suppliers
Explore: Find the Most Trusted Suppliers
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National Post
IT World
Canada’s largest VC fund for women-led tech companies invests in tealbook
tealbook Partners with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
What is the urgency around adopting this technology?
What is tealbook?
Who benefits the most from tealbook?
What is tealbook?
New Partnership with Open Ecosystem Network
Who benefits the most from tealbook?
What is tealbook?
What does Tealbook offer that traditional procurement tools don’t?
Where do you see tealbook in the future?
What did you enjoy the most about today’s conversation?
The New Procurement Transformation
What does tealbook offer that traditional procurement tools don’t?
Who benefits the most from tealbook?
What are your key takeaways?
What is tealbook?
tealbook selected as a 2018 Cool Vendor in Strategic Sourcing Applications by Gartner
Press Kit
Supplier Discovery in Action at Medidata
Leading the New Transformation with Data & Technology
tealbook Selected by SIG Innovation Accelerator
Case Study: BioMarin
The Upside of Supplier Intelligence
tealbook Inducted into the 2017 CIX Top 20
Tealbook – Biggest Challenges for Sourcing and Procurement in the Next Five Years
Tealbook – Procurement is Evolving
Tealbook – How do you Build Relationships with Internal Partners?
tealbook – Connecting Buyers with the Right Suppliers
Big Ideas 2017: Procurement Needs a True Digital Initiative
Tealbook – Communicating Expertise with Tags
Tealbook – Advantage of Having a Centralized Platform of Intelligence for Suppliers
Tealbook – Good Partnership with Procurement
Tealbook – Relationship with Procurement
Tealbook – Procurement Evolves
Tealbook – Procurement as a Valuable Partner
Tealbook- Why Every Life Science Company Should Have a Procurement Organization
Tealbook – Benefits of a Centralized Supplier Information Platform
Tealbook – The Benefits of Instantly Identifying and Qualifying Credible Suppliers
Tealbook – Early engagement with internal stakeholder
Tealbook – The Procurement Landscape is Changing
Tealbook – Procurement and Sourcing Bridging the Gap with Internal Stakeholder
Tealbook – How to Communicate Value to Leadership
Tealbook – Best Practice
Chris DiNardo – Why Suppliers Should Care?
Chris DiNardo – What Will be the Value of Instantly Identifying Suppliers?
Keith Mellett – The Value of Tealbook
Matt Nestor – The Value of Tealbook
Increased Visibility with Perfect Timing
Easy Access to Supplier Information Motivates More Inquiries
Matt Weinberg – Leveraging Existing Suppliers Relationships
Tealbook – What Goes Into Responding an RFP?
Eliminating the Frustration of the Supplier Discovery Process
Connecting Specialized Providers with Broad Opportunities
Tealbook – Focused Effort – Better Results
Tealbook – Tracking Down Preferred Suppliers
Tealbook – Eliminating the Business Card Stack
Tealbook – Supporting Lean Teams
Tealbook – End Ad Hoc Knowledge Collection
Tealbook – Peers and Past Experience
Tealbook – Minimize Out of Pocket Costs
Tealbook – Capturing Competitive Advantage
Tealbook – Increasing the Impact of Information
Tealbook – Continually Evolving Content
Tealbook – Accelerating Access to Information
Tealbook – Peer to Peer Networking
Tealbook – Simplified Due Dilligence
Tealbook – Working Peer to Peer
Tealbook – Supporting Distributed Teams
Tealbook – Increasing the Impact of Information
Tealbook – Procurement as a Business Asset
Tealbook – Minimizing Time Investment
Tealbook – Focused Effort, Better Results
Creating a Quick Hitting and Efficient Approach to Growth
Tealbook – Demonstrating Unique Value
Tealbook – Simple, Consistent Process
Tealbook – Better not Bigger
Tealbook – Revolutionizing a Tedious Process
Tealbook – Creating an Informed Nexus
What Internal Stakeholders Are Saying About Supplier Information
Internal Partners’ Insight on Supplier Information and Access to a Centralized Supplier Platform
Internal Partners’ View on the Value of Centralized Supplier Information
Improving Strategic Supplier Discovery Through Technology
RFP Tip #1 – Choose Your Team
RFP Tip #4 – Choose Relevant Case Studies
RFP Tip #3 – Choose Relevant Case Studies
RFP Tip #2 – Do Your Homework
How does tealbook Provide Value to Procurement of Growing Biotech Companies?
Communicating Procurement’s Value Internally
How has tealbook Helped Eveo?
Improving the Way Clients and Suppliers Find Each Other
How tealbook Would Have Been Valuable When You Were a Brand Manager?
What Information is Important to Suppliers When Assessing a New Opportunity?
Value of tealbook for Procurement and Their Organization
About tealbook
What is Your Vision for tealbook?
How Did You Find Information on Suppliers Before tealbook?
Who is a tealbook User?
What Value Does tealbook Provide to Procurement and Strategic Sourcing?
How Does tealbook Fit Within Your Current Tools
How Does Procurement Provide Value to Internal Stakeholders
How Does tealbook Allow Sourcing to Be More Connected to Internal Stakeholders?
Jennifer Duane, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Expert
How Do You Build a Partnership with Internal Stakeholders?

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