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Tealbook: 2019 Spend Matters Provider to Watch!
What’s New in 2019 For Procurement Software, Tealbook
Our Journey to an Agile Procurement Process
We’re Hiring! Enterprise Sales Executive
tealbook Welcomes New VP of Sales
New Procurement Partnership! Fluxym and Tealbook
Donna de Winter Joins tealbook Board of Directors
Doug Paul Joins tealbook as an Advisor
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Creating Vibrant Supplier Communities with tealbook
Supplier Discovery is Not Awesome Yet. But it Will Be.
How tealbook makes your business visible for the right opportunities
Supplier Stories: SCC Is Improving Patient Lives With Technology
Canada’s largest VC fund for women-led tech companies invests in tealbook
tealbook Partners with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
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Art of Procurement: Mastering Your Master Data
Small or Diverse Business? Get Noticed With tealbook!
New Partnership with Open Ecosystem Network
Stephany Lapierre on Work Women Wisdom Podcast
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tealbook Selected as a 2018 Cool Vendor in Strategic Sourcing Applications by Gartner
Walt Charles on AI-enabled supplier discovery—and why you should care
5 tips to make your tealbook profile stand out
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Supplier Stories: Copper Hound Pictures
Using Today’s Supplier Data to Optimize Tomorrow
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6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Free tealbook Profile
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The Pain of Losing An RFP
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Segmenting the Supply Base to Optimally Apply Intelligence
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Using Machine Learning to Bridge the Buyer-Supplier Divide
Supplier Stories: TTE Laboratories
5 Questions With Peloton Advantage
Business Talk: Nicolle Peto of Scientific Communications Group
tealbook Webinar on Machine Learning in Supplier Intelligence
Including Diverse Suppliers
tealbook Welcomes Marcy Bucci to tealbook as Executive Advisor, Sales
tealbook CEO Stephany Lapierre on Podcast
tealbook is a CIX Top 20 Recipient
The Upside of Supplier Intelligence
Delivering Trust
Having a Knowledge Retention & Management Plan
The Role of Supplier Intelligence in Elevating Procurement’s Impact
tealbook’s Next Generation: Driving the Future of Accessible Supplier Intelligence  
Move that ‘binder’ to the cloud
I was wrong… and I’m glad my team was right.
You’ll be in good hands with the tealbook Concierge Service
Note to Suppliers: Don’t Fear the Aggregators
Walter Charles Joins the tealbook Advisory Board
tealbook selected as the first recipient of funding from the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund and StandUp Ventures
Accelerating the Impact of Procurement Centers of Excellence
Procurement Needs Actionable Intelligence
Increased Procurement Agility through Improved Mobile Connectivity
Discovering Supplier ‘Category Jumpers’
tealbook CEO Stephany Lapierre Recognized as a Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Pro to Know”
The Multi-dimensional ROI of Sharing Information
Creating ‘LOVE MOMENTS’ on your Growth Journey
Rising Trust in “A Person Like Me”
Reflecting back on a Decade of Entrepreneurship
The Digitization of Supplier Discovery
Growing into 2017
A Founder’s Experience For Procurement
Press Release: tealbook Wins ‘Biggest Upside Potential’ Award at 48 Hours in the Valley
The ‘Brandyberry Trilogy’: Productivity, Efficiency, and Innovation
Tell us… How much does supplier discovery COST you today?
What competition?
Is your senior management asking for value beyond savings?
Why SAP can’t build it
tealbook Selected to Spend 48 Entrepreneurial Hours in the Valley with the C100
The journey towards comprehensive supplier discovery
The Entrepreneurial Procurement Revolution
The Changing Paradigm of Supplier Discovery
The CPO of a large Biotech company is inviting 1.8 million global suppliers to join tealbook
Press Release: tealbook Selected to Participate in UNPACK Boston
Procurement Transformation by CPOs Who Think BIG
A Supplier’s Perspective on Improved Discovery
Meet the tealbook Advisory Board!
Can you identify suppliers in 6 minutes?
PharmaVOICE 100 Recognizes Entrepreneurial Innovation at tealbook
One profile that’s easier to maintain and a better approach to growing your business
Congratulations to the 2016 PharmaVOICE100!
The new tealbook app has you covered
NO REGRETS Procurement starts with improved supplier discovery
Is your current supplier discovery process providing good value?
Can procurement and marketing really get along?
Female Innovator of the Year: Stephany Lapierre
WANTED: Suppliers of Lifescience Companies
Improving Strategic Supplier Identification Through Technology
Using Social Data To Help Identify Suppliers
Time is Money in Procurement Category Expertise
Inspired Entrepreneur – A Short Story That Led to Collective Supplier Intelligence
The Cost of What You’re NOT Doing
Did you hear? tealbook is now Powered by Dun & Bradstreet
How can procurement rationalize the new supplier discovery process?
Divide and Conquer to Achieve Supplier Knowledge Management
It is time to reinvent the way procurement manages supplier information
70% of Procurement and Sourcing Pros Say the Best Source of Intel is…
Procurious’ Big Idea Summit: tealbook Founder and CEO Stephany Lapierre’s BIG Idea
The Impact of Supplier Identification
RIP to RFP – In Procurement 2016
Happy 8th Birthday to Matchbook
Does Money Define Success ?
Paradigm shifts for procurement
Happy Holidays
Changing the Game for Suppliers
Can you guess what is the most credible source of supplier intelligence?
How One Inspired the Other
Rethinking Procurement Metrics
Connecting with Pharma and Biotech Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Leaders
Explaining tealbook
Advance Stakeholder-Supplier Collaboration at ProcureCon Pharma
Surround yourself with people smarter than you
When agencies opened up …
Really Freaking Painful
Passion for Innovation
Startup Stories: Seizing Luck, Timing and Opportunity
Innovative Procurement Startup Tealbook Turns 1!
Startup Stories: How Brainstorming Leads to Better Businesses
Procurement Strategy: Getting the Most from Supplier Partnerships
Startup Stories: How Our Innovative Procurement Platform is Evolving
Procurement Strategy: How to Avoid Supplier Turnover
Startup Stories: Finding The Passion to Found Your Own Business
How Tealbook Helps Procurement Find Innovative Suppliers
Startup Stories: Be Mindful—You Might Meet A Dragon’s Den Judge
Startup Stories: How I Named my Procurement Tech Startup
The Impact of Successful Collaborations
It’s AOR Season – four tips to help manage your RFP
No Second Prize: How do you tell suppliers they were not selected?
The next big thing…introducing tealbook’s corporate membership!
Procurement Pros: Share Your Supplier Info and Build Value
Innovative Procurement Software For Small Biotech Companies
Startup Stories: Being a Female Tech CEO and Finding Balance
Patient Stories: Snow & Companies
Greg Kresge Joins Innovative Enterprise Procurement Startup
How Social Media Relates to Procurement and Suppliers
How A Passion For Innovative Procurement Inspired My Startup
Quantum Learning, a training company gem
Game Changer: Procurement Software with Peer Endorsements
Strategic suppliers show and (don’t just) tell
Lessons From A B2B Start-Up Founders First 6 Months
A Supplier Innovative Procurement Pros Should Know
Where is the RFP?
Why is your tealbook empty?
Attention: Enterprise procurement & sourcing experts!
A Supplier for Procurement Pros to Know: Klick Health
Procurement: The #1 Criteria for Finding Suppliers
How Procurement Can Get Visibility into Suppliers
Procurement Thought Leadership: What I learned from 300+ RFPs
Why I Founded an Innovative Procurement Software Company

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