Know your suppliers
Power your vendor master with machine learning and analytics with a unified, transparent and dynamic view of every supplier you work with

  • Gain instant access to your entire supplier master with deep insight into supplier capabilities and relationships with your organization
  • Filter suppliers by spend, relevance, diversity status and geography
  • Get better analytics as usage grows, generating smarter, faster and more valuable insights
  • Access updated contact information for faster response time

Centralize and consolidate supplier data
Finally get the single source of truth for your organization with dynamic access to your ever-evolving supplier base

    • Unify your team’s activity and the data they leverage
    • See spend history for each supplier
    • Gain compliance to your preferred supplier program criteria

  • Centralize all relevant and useful supplier documents in one place, accessible to the entire team

Enable stakeholder participation
Include and empower stakeholders by putting all supplier data at their fingertips

  • Follow, like, comment and rate suppliers, and share with internal stakeholders
  • Communicate and drive collaboration with peers about supplier selection
  • Access unique insights from internal peers


Expand your supplier base
Leverage the power of machine learning to drive increases in cycle time of up to 90% in finding and qualifying new suppliers that meet evolving business requirements

  • One-click search for similar suppliers filtered by keywords, geography and certification type
  • Increase competitiveness by enabling teams to confidently know they are always considering the strongest possible options
  • Positively challenge internal stakeholders with meaningful data that lets them think outside of the status quo

Leverage community knowledge
Benefit from trusted community-based knowledge by industry peers when viewing potential new suppliers

  • See how your peers have endorsed suppliers based on capabilities, how they trend in your community and connections without sharing your data
  • Be connected to industry peers for referrals and recommendations

Seamlessly collaborate
Easily work with peers in qualifying suppliers

  • Instantly build and save a list of new, competitive and diverse suppliers with a leading edge vetting tool
  • Invite your peers to collaborate on building flexible business requirements, invite suppliers to respond and gain insight into team activities with an automated dashboard
  • Enable your stakeholders to initiate the process in collaboration with procurement teams
  • Leverage previous supplier searches to accelerate future business requirements


Access accurate supplier diversity data
Modernize supplier diversity programs with the power of technology to drive increases of up to 150% in the accuracy of diverse spend

  • Effortlessly generate accurate diversity spend reporting to set baselines, meet and set new corporate goals
  • View your existing small and diverse suppliers with one click, as well as their certifications and expiry dates
  • Uncover suppliers that may qualify as small and diverse that you are already working with and collaborate with them to get them certified
  • Track individual and team efforts to set goals and manage accountability
  • Improve Tier 1 diversity suppliers when they upload their vendor masters

Discover new diverse suppliers
Expand diversity efforts with suppliers who meet your diversity requirements

  • Find and include small and diverse supplier options across every category in the organization, and track results
  • Build and save lists of qualified small and diverse suppliers, and share with your team
  • Access community-based sharing of trusted small and diverse suppliers

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