Media Advisory – March 22, 2020

The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has put a tremendous strain on businesses who need to find suppliers who can provide critical goods and services required to navigate through disrupted supply chains. Common shortages include digital thermometers, hand sanitizer, nursing and laundry services, surgical masks, latex gloves, and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

In an effort to be part of the global solution, Tealbook “The Trusted Source for Supplier Data” is now offering free vendor reports through the end of April to any organization worldwide who needs help finding new suppliers to meet these unprecedented needs. Businesses will receive a report that includes relevant suppliers gathered from over 400 million of the most trafficked global websites in addition to Tealbook’s 3.4 million visible supplier profiles. Tealbook does this through proprietary Autonomous Data Enrichment technology which proactively captures and maintains changing supplier information. Other networks are crippled by poor information due to stale data acquisition techniques, such as manual data entry or the overreliance on supplier portals. Tealbook differentiates by leveraging advanced machine learning concepts to keep dynamic information up-to-date.

“More than ever we are seeing the need for supply chain agility™. During a crisis like this, acting quickly is the only way to maintain a healthy supply chain. We enable buyers to immediately access trusted supplier data at a time when speed is of the essence,” says Stephany Lapierre, CEO & Founder, Tealbook.

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