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Self-Managed Profiles

One profile keeps ALL of your customers up-to-date on your latest information and capabilities. By enriching your profile, you get to expand your visibility and knowledge among your existing customers so you can tap into a growing number of new opportunities. Your profile also becomes a great discovery channel for new prospective customers looking for providers with your capabilities and experience.

Tired of updating hundreds of portals that don’t help you get new business? We get it. tealbook supports your efforts by allowing you to maintain one profile that grows with you and your customers. It positions your company for the right clients and right opportunities at the right time, each time!


Gain access to powerful insights on your supplier profile, like how many profile views you’ve received, how many times you’ve appeared in search results, who’s viewed your profile, perceived competition, how you rank in search results, and more.

With tealbook, you finally have real-time data on actual customers that helps you best position your company for increased visibility across your existing customers and relevant prospect

New Business Opportunities

In tealbook, not only will you be found by relevant customers who are more educated about your business, you get to decide if each opportunity is right for your business or not. VETs allow you to quickly accept or respond to a new opportunity.

Being properly qualified before being included in a sourcing event (RFP) eliminates the odds of wasting your time and resources on new business opportunities that are not suited for your business. tealbook is not an RFP tool. We can’t change everything – but we can help turn the RFP process into a Really Fabulous Process by increasing your odds of winning the business best suited to your capabilities!

Diversity Suppliers

tealbook is a game changer for diversity suppliers. We include them at the very beginning of the process by preventing the need for companies to search in a separate tool. Add your diversity status, certification, and affiliations right on your tealbook profile to raise awareness and validate your diversity profile.

No more ‘black holes’ or being lost in the ‘abyss’ after being added to a portal. tealbook learns about your business through your profile and customers. It prioritizes your company for relevant business opportunities and tracks efforts made to include you in the RFP process, so customers can proactively incorporate you in the supplier qualification process.

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