Supplier Visibility

It’s never been easier to have instant visibility across your entire supplier base from one centralized location. tealbook is an enterprise cloud platform that uses AI to upgrade your supplier data to an enriched, automated and searchable platform that delivers real-time insight across the organization.

Deeper knowledge and visibility of your suppliers reduces cycle time and mitigates risk while increasing the speed and quality of supplier related decisions.


Effortlessly collaborate with stakeholders across the organization by creating preferred supplier lists, sharing supplier performance reviews, using team chat to identify qualified suppliers prior to initiating a sourcing event. Effectively collaborate with suppliers to enable alignment and innovation.

Better alignment and collaboration with stakeholders and suppliers reduces friction while driving better outcomes.


The AI enabled supplier ecosystem helps expand access to new relevant, qualified and trusted suppliers for new categories, innovation, and diversity requirements. tealbook’s supplier network is growing fast and replicates our customers’ supplier data. Today, it includes as many as 1,000,000 companies across all categories and more than 400,000 diversity suppliers.

Accessing new relevant and qualified suppliers increases access to innovation, value, and diversity. tealbook has demonstrated a 90% reduction in effort and cycle time when identifying and qualifying new suppliers.


Diversity suppliers can be identified based on their capabilities and connections to the organization, alongside all other supplier options. Efforts made to include them in new opportunities are tracked and can be reported upon. Unlike traditional methods that may cause diversity suppliers to be left out when decisions are made, tealbook features diversity certifications directly on suppliers’ profiles, supporting procurement’s inclusivity efforts.

An integrated diversity solution increases knowledge, access, and spend among diversity suppliers, while allowing diversity leads to focus on more value-add and high impact initiatives.

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