Supplier Visibility

It’s never been easier to access all of your updated supplier information in one centralized location. tealbook is an enterprise cloud platform that leverages machine learning to deliver real-time supplier insight exactly when your stakeholders need it.

With tealbook, you are always in the know! Position yourself as the expert and deliver insight that will help your business achieve goals.

Category Tracking

Access relevant and updated category insight by connecting with your suppliers to access their most up-to-date information. Share expertise with internal colleagues by endorsing and tagging your supplier connections, and create preferred supplier lists to help you and your stakeholders make smarter, more informed and faster decisions.

Stay connected with your suppliers’ news and instantly tap into your peers’ insight and connections. After all, they are the most trusted source of recommendations.


When looking for new supplier options, you can search by company name, business requirements, geography, and connections to your peers and industry to identify new trusted suppliers. Search from as many as 1,000,000 suppliers across all categories, including more than 400,000 diversity suppliers.

Find and qualify new supplier options without spending time searching the Internet and paying for expensive market intelligence reports. tealbook allows you to find new, trusted suppliers each and every time!


Initiate a sourcing event with tealbook’s pre-qualification workflow, called a VET. Set specific criteria like supplier capabilities and location, build a list of suppliers, invite decision makers, receive responses and assess qualifications to quickly identify the best suppliers to include in an RFP.

tealbook allows you to deliver a list of qualified suppliers within less than one week – spending as little as one hour of effort versus five-to-six weeks and 41 hours with traditional methods.

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