Tealbook’s proprietary machine learning technology uses data to improve procurement supplier relationships. Our in-house data scientists and developers create innovative solutions that enable procurement teams to be champions of change in their organizations. We support procurement teams and their suppliers with technology that future-proofs their organizations’ performance.

Enriched decision-making with machine learning tools

  • Strong investment in the latest research in machine learning through our partnership with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology-driven profile creation for suppliers that continuously reads websites and other online sources to ensure up-to-date info
  • Easy access for suppliers to augment and enhance their own profiles
  • Automated data cleansing removes duplicates in supplier master records, distinguishes between businesses or individuals and highlights sanctioned companies/locations
  • Instant searches of more than 100 independent diversity sites centralizes the results in the platform to enhance your supplier diversity insights
  • Feature-rich diversity verification-sharing to achieve better confidence in certifications

Supplier discovery powered by innovative technology

  • Natural language search and powerful filters enable procurement teams to narrow from a million potential supplier profiles to the right ones in seconds
  • Machine learning supports smart discovery: data of one supplier is used to provide relevant recommendations based on your criteria, even if the suppliers use varying language to describe their offerings
  • Addresses are parsed to deliver geographic insights like supplier country, city and postal codes, regardless of varying global address conventions
  • Keywords are automatically extracted from supplier websites for structured, smart profile creation

Tools for suppliers that leverage advanced technology

  • Machine learning creates profiles for suppliers they can curate and enhance, leading to higher likelihood of being invited to business opportunities
  • Big data techniques provide suppliers with a valuable overview of all procurement interactions with their profile
  • Word clouds provide deep insight into how suppliers are being found, supporting marketing strategies

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