Toronto, ON—May 23, 2018.

tealbook is excited to announce a new integration with Open Ecosystem Network (OPEN).

OPEN is a partner agnostic and technology independent digital collaboration platform, originally initiated by Nokia. The technology is based on the principles of open innovation and data democracy, and has been designed to enable ecosystem play across companies and industries. The overarching goal of OPEN is to bring together the most ambitious companies and brightest individuals to help them grow their businesses bigger, better and faster.

tealbook is committed to helping companies build trusting relationships and find opportunities to work together. Recently selected as a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Strategic Sourcing Applications, 2018, tealbook uses AI to improve the speed and quality of supplier-related decisions.

OPEN provides an avenue for facilitating access to more opportunities to the tealbook community, and for leveraging the insight we are developing in the platform to help companies work together more efficiently. tealbook will allow customers in OPEN to collaborate with preferred and existing suppliers and extend invitations to relevant suppliers within tealbook that want to collaborate in driving innovation.

“Our partnership with Open Ecosystem Network opens doors for a different level of customer and supplier partnership. Through this innovative collaboration, people from both sides can come together and work on challenges that have a real impact on their businesses and industry,” says tealbook CEO Stephany Lapierre.

For OPEN, tealbook provides a conduit to finding the right suppliers for the challenges and opportunities their users create.

“We are promoting direct and digital collaboration in the extended ecosystem, while democratizing relevant business data, as well as business contacts through our platform. tealbook is an excellent source of value, providing us reach, as well as intelligence we need for matchmaking of demand and supply” says Open Ecosystem Network Co-Founder and Lead at Nokia, Goran Cangl.

As OPEN grows, many brands are recognizing the value proposition and joining, exposing their data and bringing their ecosystems with them, creating gravity and a multiplying effect. With this integration and positive partnership, tealbook is looking forward to being part of this disruptive collaborative ecosystem, and for the innovation it will help customers and suppliers be a part of.

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