Our Story

Eleven years ago, I was visiting a client who wanted to introduce me to a supplier she highly recommended.

“Steph, you need to meet these guys,” she said. “They are incredible and have done great work for my team.”

She leaned behind her desk and grabbed a two-inch thick binder filled with business cards from supplier contacts she had accumulated over her extensive career. She couldn’t remember the name of the company but she knew she would recognize the card. She spent 10 minutes filing through her contacts. Luckily, she found the card and gave it to me, but she asked for it back after I wrote down their information. She didn’t want to lose their contact information…

I left that meeting thinking about the wealth of supplier intelligence locked in that binder which provided no benefit to the organization and suppliers. It is in that moment that I realized the significance of the opportunity of centralizing and aggregating supplier intelligence for all stakeholders.

About Us

tealbook connects companies so they can interact with more efficiency and trust. We capture, cleanse, enrich, automate and expand the supplier master to reduce the time and cost required to find one another for the purpose of doing better business. tealbook uses the latest technology to improve the quality of partnership decisions, reducing effort and cycle time while increasing trust for all parties. By combining machine learning, leading software development, procurement and operations expertise, our team transforms how companies improve their existing buyer-supplier partnerships and build new lasting ones.

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