Tealbook is thrilled to announce a new addition to our leadership. Navin Vardya has joined as our Vice President of Services and Success.

Navin brings deep industry experience in bringing measurable value to customers and scaling post sales functions to ensure customer success at Ariba and Coupa Software, where he helped grow and define new processes as the two companies went through public offerings.

Navin was most recently at Coupa Software where he led Services and Success for North America for the most strategic clients and was able to grow and scale the business to account for high YoY revenue growth in new customer acquisitions and a growing install base.

At Coupa Software, Navin was able to create a customer experience that spanned from the onboarding process to implementation to long term success.  He was able to create a client framework that focused on value and customer KPI’s that drove client actions.

Previous roles for Navin included 10 years with Wall Street firms where he was head of client reporting at Morgan Stanley responsible for the largest client wealth management database that handled complex real time calculations on large data sets for account performance and risk.

Navin also was at Merrill Lynch where he was responsible for defining and developing key business insights, driving scalable growth strategies and help support the execution of these plans in the areas of Procurement, Finance, and HR.

Navin Vardya on joining Tealbook’s leadership team:

“I am joining Tealbook because there is such a glaring business need to have a trusted source of supplier data that is high in quality and readily available in the marketplace. Tealbook applies a unique approach in gathering supplier data with its Machine Learning algorithms which does not require Suppliers to manually input their data.

Suppliers have gone through “Portal Fatigue” in the last twenty years, where they are required to input their information manually, which is then prone for poor data quality that results in efficiencies in the supply chain.

I look forward to joining the team and working towards bringing Tealbook – a powerful data platform, to the next level. It helps you identify potential risk quickly and gives you a more transparent view of your current and potential suppliers. It also provides a centralized location to store and manage your supplier data that is abstracted from any Source to Pay solutions in the marketplace.

In my new role, I plan to build upon the Customer Experience for Tealbook customers and bring a focus on adoption, value, and voice of the customer by building a best-in-class global professional services and success teams with scalable processes to ensure we can mature appropriately with high level of customer adoption and success.”

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