Tealbook is thrilled to announce a new addition to our leadership. Matt Palackdharry has joined as our Vice President of Sales and Strategy. Matt brings deep industry relationships and experience successfully scaling enterprise procurement software companies. 

Matt has built an impressive career in emerging technology and data solutions. He was part of the management team that took over Vinimaya in 2015, rebranding it as Aquiire. Under his sales leadership, Aquiire was twice named a Spend Matters Provider to Watch, a prestigious procurement and sourcing software recognition. The company also won a Game Changer Award from the Institute of Management and Finance, was twice nominated as Best New Procurement Technology by Procurement Leaders, and was called the fastest growing procurement technology company by Spend Matters. 

At Cincinnati-based Aquiire, Matt excelled in creating real-time procurement, bringing the concept of price dispersion elimination to enterprise clients. He set sales records at Aquiire, as well as in previous roles at NEP and CDC News. After Aquiire was acquired by Coupa in 2018, he remained as Director of Sales until his move to Tealbook.  

Matt Palackdharry on Joining Tealbook’s Leadership Team: 

I am joining Tealbook because I see the need for a better way to maintain data as part of technology transformations. 

Most e-procurement transformations fail because of poor data. To date, no one has created a self-maintaining and self-enriching data solution. In learning about Tealbook, it was ultimately the technology that won me over. Having a data solution that can plug into e-procurement and self-maintain records is a gamechanger for the industry. There is not a single enterprise that won’t find incredible value from Tealbook. The immediate application to the enterprise will be around the virtual vendor master and aiding large digital transformation projects. However, long-term I see Tealbook eventually becoming the foundation of all e-procurement technology. 

“There is not a single enterprise that won’t find incredible value from Tealbook”

In general, technology is only as good as the data inside it. Maintaining that data is a lofty effort that becomes stale very quickly with traditional methods. With Tealbook, the data layer is constantly maintained through AI and machine learning, so clients will not have to maintain their data or search for new vendors via web searches. The best part is that we can plug right into enterprises’ existing technology, boosting the functionality of those solutions. The manual work involved in finding suppliers can now be accomplished through smart technology, leading to richer knowledge and more agile procurement. At Tealbook, we remove the data barrier to success, empowering customers with access to the benefit of community insight across all global enterprises.

In this exciting new role, I will look to fine-tune our commercial strategy through the curation of channel partnerships while implementing enterprise sales processes. While Tealbook can be used by any enterprise, the companies about to launch large digital transformations (especially to SaaS providers) will see the largest benefit. My first order of business is to spread the word that Tealbook can help ensure the transformation to the cloud is successful by removing debatably the largest barrier: poor data.

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