Two innovative procurement platforms to partner

Fluxym and tealbook are pleased to announce a new partnership effective October 2018, making Fluxym a value-added reseller and an integrator of tealbook in the global market.

tealbook is a machine learning platform that transforms static lists of suppliers into communities. Providing real-time dynamic access to the entire supplier base, tealbook allows employees to collaborate while improving and preserving supplier information. tealbook is a great fit with Fluxym’s global source-to-pay expertise and orientation towards emerging technologies.

Bringing AI and machine learning to buyers via tealbook is a strategic addition to Fluxym’s S2P solutions portfolio. In the procurement transformation, companies require the latest technologies to maximize efficiency and competitiveness. “tealbook brings agility to procurement and is a perfect add-on to the solutions we already integrate, like ivalua, Simetryk or Basware,” declares Thierry Jaffry, VP USA & Canada at Fluxym.

“This is the start of a very positive relationship between tealbook and Fluxym, allowing us to expand our international footprint, with the benefit of Fluxym’s 16 years of expertise in S2P,” says CEO and Founder Stephany Lapierre of the partnership.

The partnership will soon extend to a joint integrated offer consisting of a tealbook/Simetryk packaged solution. Simetryk is a Supplier Information Management tool created and developed by Fluxym that highly complements the capabilities of tealbook.

About Fluxym

Fluxym, the Source-to-Pay experts, capitalize on 16 years of experience and more than 350 projects all over the world. At Fluxym, we support our clients in their procurement & AP transformation journey, through:

* Source-to-Pay systems advisory services

* ivalua expertise and integration

* Basware expertise and integration

Fluxym is also reseller and integrator of Simetryk, a state-of-the-art SIM system that cleans and centralizes supplier data and puts the creation process under control. Fluxym is based in Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and Singapore.

About tealbook

tealbook is a machine learning platform that transforms static lists of suppliers into communities that provide a real-time and dynamic view of your entire supplier base. tealbook allows employees to collaborate while improving and preserving supplier information. Enhanced relationships drive faster, smarter supplier decisions and better outcomes. tealbook is used to ENRICH knowledge and visibility of existing and strategic suppliers, EXPLORE relevant suppliers for all new business requirements and grow the IMPACT of innovation and diversity programs.

PR Contact:

tealbook: Hannah Griffin,

Fluxym : Marie Castille,

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