Did you miss our recent webinar hosted by tealbook CEO and Founder Stephany Lapierre? You can still access all the great insights from the webinar session by clicking here. Just enter your name and email and you will be able to view a copy of the recording.

In the webinar, Stephany presents valuable background information on tealbook’s AI enabled platform and her inspiration for creating it based on her experience seeing massive inefficiencies in the way organizations were finding and identifying suppliers.

“The ability to provide more visibility and knowledge of what you do enables you to be considered for more relevant business opportunities within your existing clients, as well as new clients alike.”—Stephany Lapierre

Suppliers who work with enterprise customers will be very interested in how this webinar explores the way they can control their message and visibility to customers, all in a single place. Many suppliers experience the strain on resources inflicted by updating dozens of portals and systems, and spending time and money on various other efforts that ultimately lead to little ROI. With a single profile, suppliers can keep every customer updated in one place, gain visibility as a thought leader and for what they do well, and gain exposure to new customers.  

We hope you enjoy watching the webinar. If you are interested in signing up for your free profile, click here, and if you have questions about tealbook contact support@tealbook.com

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