Toronto, ON — July 10, 2018 – An exciting new partnership promises to ramp up participation by Indigenous-owned businesses in the supply chains of corporations and small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses (CCAB) is working with tealbook to establish an interactive AI-powered community for qualified Indigenous entrepreneurs seeking procurement contracts set to launch in the Fall of 2018.

tealbook is a unique turnkey solution for CCAB as it uses AI to unify and improve supplier information in one profile. tealbook makes it easy for suppliers to differentiate their company and maintain their information and certifications from one place. The platform has a powerful AI search engine that will help CCAB corporate members instantly find suppliers relevant to business requirements. This will improve access to Indigenous supplier options similar to the incumbents along with their CCAB certification.

tealbook and CCAB are also members of SCALE.AI – the Canadian AI-enabled Supply Chain Supercluster. SCALE.AI, which has received funding from the federal government, is dedicated to building next-generation supply chains and boosting competitiveness by leveraging AI technologies.

“This initiative is really what SCALE AI is about: technology-based collaboration between partners, with the potential to make a difference globally,” says Tristan Mallet, interim CEO of the SCALE AI supercluster. “The leadership of CCAB and tealbook will strengthen Aboriginal businesses in Canada – a key objective of the consortium. As SCALE AI ramps up its operations, we look forward to supporting such partnerships and help them scale up to deliver global impact.”

The partnership is part of Supply Change, an initiative by CCAB that connects corporations and SMEs with Aboriginal-owned companies. tealbook’s best-in-class, AI-enabled platform will create a virtual Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace where Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies can easily exchange information about procurement opportunities.

Corporations and SMEs participating in Supply Change as Aboriginal Procurement Champions have committed to increasing procurement opportunities for Indigenous-owned businesses. Every Indigenous company listed on the platform will be Certified Aboriginal Businesses (CABs), which are independently verified to be at least 51 percent Aboriginal owned.

CCAB’s partnership with tealbook will dramatically increase the visibility of CABs and their qualifications and speed up the procurement contract process. CABs can use the platform to enrich their information and display qualifications and expertise on their profile to increase their credibility.

“Our partnership with tealbook is an important step forward for Indigenous entrepreneurs and the longer-term goal of raising incomes and living standards for their people,” says JP Gladu, president and CEO of CCAB. “tealbook’s AI-powered technology is going to revolutionize how our Aboriginal Procurement Champions identify and evaluate potential Indigenous suppliers to ensure the best possible business fit. For Indigenous entrepreneurs, the Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace platform is a game changer in terms of increasing access and removing barriers.”

“Our team is really excited about offering an affordable turn-key AI platform to CCAB members,” says tealbook founder and CEO Stephany Lapierre. “The creation of a single platform that connects Aboriginal-owned suppliers to interested buyers has enormous implications for greater Indigenous participation in Canada’s economy. We are proud to contribute our technological expertise to this important economic and social enterprise.”

Participation in CCAB’s Supply Change initiative is open to all companies interested in including Indigenous businesses in their supply chains.

About CCAB

CCAB is committed to the full participation of Indigenous peoples in Canada’s economy. A national, non-partisan association, CCAB offers knowledge, resources and programs to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal owned companies that foster economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples and businesses across Canada.


SCALE AI (Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence AI) is a business-led consortium of 118 partners headquartered in Montreal and centered in Quebec and Ontario. Its mission is to shape the next-generation supply chain and bolster Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence (AI) by fostering deep collaboration between industry players, academia, and other enabling organizations. It has been given support from the Government of Canada through the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative, and is also supported by the Government of Quebec.

About tealbook

tealbook connects companies so they can interact with more efficiency and trust. With a social-media like interface, tealbook uses AI technology to increase the speed, trust and quality of supplier-related decisions. tealbook delivers enhanced supplier knowledge, discovery of new and innovative suppliers, and supports organizations in scaling diversity in the companies they work with.

For more information contact:

For CCAB: Dave Bennett Xposure PR 905.339.6668

For tealbook: Hannah Griffin 416.523.2656

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