What is CIX?

CIX is a ‘must attend’ technology innovation destination where investors, innovative companies, entrepreneurs and facilitators converge to drive economic growth and accelerate the development and implementation of new ideas.

CIX was launched in 2008 by Canadian investors who wanted one destination which curates and showcases the best emerging tech companies from across Canada. Today, CIX is Canada’s largest gathering of tech entrepreneurs and capital providers with a mandate to foster business collaborations through both structured and informal networking opportunities, and to provide inspiring and informative high-level keynotes and panel discussions to explore opportunities and spark discussion and collaboration.*


Why tealbook?

We’re excited to have been chosen as a CIX Top 20 Recipient. The award is given to companies who solve big challenges with innovative ideas.

The big challenge

Enterprises do not have centralized access to trusted, up to date intelligence about suppliers: current or otherwise. This creates cumbersome and costly delays in the sourcing and procurement process and often leads to friction within the enterprise. And this challenge is not limited to buyers. Suppliers struggle to put information about their capabilities in front of buyers when a business need arises.

The innovative idea

tealbook solves this challenge by providing its customers with a cloud-based supplier knowledge management platform. We allow the enterprise to quickly search their existing supplier master, discover new suppliers, and gain access to valuable market intelligence. In addition, the centralized supplier knowledge management platform captures knowledge inside the procurement function which may others would have been lost. Tealbook is building the largest and most trusted knowledge community of buyers and suppliers.

The Future

What tealbook will be able to offer moving forward is, in large part, a function of our users. We regularly learn from the buyers and suppliers that use our platform to collaborate and advance their business objectives.

We will continue to refine the supplier recommendation process using machine learning and trusted, collective intelligence.

Our Concierge team is constantly re-evaluating the value they offer to resource-constrained procurement teams, helping them move towards a decision faster without sacrificing contributions to their knowledge legacy.

If you are an enterprise procurement professional and would like to share your ideas about centralizing and using supplier intelligence, please let us know – we’d love to hear it!

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